How we got Jazzy....

Jazzy June Bug was a store started out of a few simple needs. Being moms of young children we were struggling to find cute and trendy items that we could buy without the dreaded mommy guilt.  We also wanted an easier way to shop for jewelry and accessories then hunting through the mall for hours, all of our children in tow.  That is when we decided to start JJB. 

When we began building our store, we realized that we needed a great name to set us apart.  We decided to name it after two very special women in our lives that love fashion and jewelry as much as we do.  We named it after the original Jazzy ladies, our grandmothers! June Bug has been a nickname that was in used in both our families for years-so there you have it! Jazzy June Bug is not just a cute name, its a dedication to these ladies that we love.

JJB is an online store and in-home party company designed with modern moms in mind! We love when we can get out, even just for an hour and have some girl time.  We thought JJB pop ups would be a great way to unwind with friends and do some shopping.  When you go to a JJB party you do not play games or listen to speech you just shop! And the best part you take it home that day! When you shop on line, every item is in stock and ready to ship straight to your door! You get amazing, trendy and quality pieces at amazing prices! 

We also have our subscription boxes! You can choose various boxes and terms for ladies of all ages.  There are items from newborn and up.  They are affordable, exclusive and great gifts!

We hope that you love JJB as much as we do and enjoy all the ways to shop our products!

-Katie and Kristi